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In 2008 one of the largest and most annoying crimes in the County was the theft of number plates – by people from outside the area – so that they could commit crime somewhere else using your identity.

Over the past 2 years North Warwickshire Neighbourhood Watch in partnership with Warwickshire Police has been running a campaign to prevent the theft of car number plates. Over 300 sets of Tamper Proof screws have been given to local residents so far and to our credit the theft of number plates has dramatically reduced.

Screws are sourced in kit form, 9 varieties in all, that will fit 99% of all cars. These are sent along with an advice leaflet to car owners in the region who apply using the form illustrated below. They are designed to be fitted using a normal flat blade screwdriver, but once fitted they can not be removed using a screwdriver as thus simply “cams out” or slips over the sloping driving lugs.

Just think! - Ever considered what will happen if your number plates are stolen?

I know, you’ll go and buy some more. Think again. Firstly they will have been stolen to be used in some sort of crime, such as Petrol forecourt drive off’s or even used on get-away cars after a robbery.

Perhaps nothing as bad as that?

What about car cloning, a very lucrative business selling another dodgy car with your plates attached, or even avoiding paying congestion charges, speeding fines and parking fines. Don’t forget most Police forces and Motorway Control Centres now use ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition). Insurance fraud, vehicle road tax avoidance, Airport car parking fees. No problem you may say – try telling that to the nice man from the Bailiffs office when the come collecting a few hundred pounds in unpaid parking tickets.

Still not convinced?

Do you know you won’t even be able to buy new number plates now without producing proof of ownership and the Vehicle Registration document, oh and be ready to part with £25 for the privilege.

Why risk it?

You can fit a set of FREE Tamper Proof screws in 10 minutes rendering the plates useless to the criminal. Simply fill in the attached form and send it to me. I will send you a FREE set of screws to match your car.

Please don’t get caught out. Tony Hardman

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